About Us

TeamWorks is a team building and team bonding enterprise which helps organizations in bringing their teams together through experiential and fun based learning programs. These interventions help the teams to collaborate and work in harmony for enhancing team performance, resolving conflicts and managing change effectively.

TeamWorks was started with the need of bringing in experiential & fun learning ways of team building & team bonding for corporates, start-ups & academia. Our main reason was to make learning Fun & Experiential with activity based programs.

With increased focus on employee engagement, employee retention and making their brand a Great Place to Work, organizations are looking for solutions whereby they can create high performing teams that work with the five C's crucial for team success: Collaboration, Cooperation, healthy Competition, Creativity and managing Change. This has led to an increased need for team building and team bonding interventions that are provided by us. 

Since all the founders are professionals with rich experience in training, employee engagement and human resource management, we decided to start TeamWorks to focus on helping organizations becoming a great place to work.

Our Team Building Programs, Team Bonding Experiences & Team Events bring out the Team principles of:

  • Team Bonding & Team Building Promgrams

  • Fun @ Work

  • Teamwork & Collaboration

  • Team Belongingness

  • Taking Ownership

  • Improving the Quality of Work Life

  • Vision of the Company – The Bigger Picture!

  • Out of the comfort Zone concept

  • Areas of Betterment & Improvement as a team

  • Creativity & Innovation

  • Strategy & Planning

  • Time and Resource Management

  • Healthy Competition & Open Communication

  • Trust Building

  • Caring & Sharing in the team

  • Leadership Presence